Calendar and Holidays

The imperial calendar starts from the day the elves were beaten. it is divided into 3 seasons and 12 months.

Months are split into even 30 days. 5 days in a week 6 weeks to a month. Two weeks is usually referred to as a 10 day.

Months (1 to 12):

Jalan – named after the old human god of winter who is no longer worshipped
Favran – Named for the human god of fertility as this is month where babies were made.
Marvan – Named for Maribor father of the emperor and main god worshipped by humans.
Nyphran – First month of spring and named after the emperor as this month brings light much as he did
Mayvan – No one knows where this came from
Ryrian – Named after elven word for friends.
Ereban – Named after the father of Maribor.
Autum – Named after the emperors first child
Persphan – Named after the emperors first wife.
Gosvan – Month of the ancestors
Novran – Another month dedicated to the emperor. Important to followers of Novron church


Spring – Late Favran to early Mayvan
Summer – Late Mayvan to end of Autum
Winter: Persphan to mid Favran

Main Festivals:

Summersrule: Occurs in Mayvan to celebrate the coming of summer. Consists of a large communal gathering in which offering is given to Maribor and then celebrated with foods, drinking, dancing. A special dance undertaken is where dancers move around with bells tied to there belts put dances to the motions of Teshlor Knights. It is called the Marde.

Wintersrule. Held at the start of Jalan. This festival takes place indoors and consists of feasting, prayer and drinking. But also challenges of strength, wisdom, the art and usually involves demonstrations of combat prowess.

Calendar and Holidays

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